Operation Stolen Whisper

Target: Whisper Base.

Location: Onderon; jungles outside of Izis.

Primary Mission Objectives:

  1. Gain entry to Whisper Base – ACCOMPLISHED
  2. Cut communications from the Base to the external communications array – ACCOMPLISHED
  3. Subdue all resistance inside the base by any means necessary – ACCOMPLISHED
  4. Ensure the death or capture of the Base Commander – ACCOMPLISHED
  5. Secure Whisper Base as a forward Rebel Base – ACCOMPLISHED

Secondary Mission Objectives:

  1. Avoid damage to the base itself – ACCOMPLISHED
  2. Avoid the unnecessary destruction of base assets – ACCOMPLISHED

Alliance Resources Available:

  • Personal Equipment for all squadron members will be assigned per review of Sector Quartermaster Jaccik
  • Transport to Onderon via a third party will be organised.


  • N/A

Mission Status: Pending Completed

Operation Stolen Whisper

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