Renegade Chiss; Insufferable Genius; Combat Cyborg


Engineer – Saboteur, Outlaw Tech

Criminal 16
Coming from the Chiss Ascendancy to the Galactic Empire, Keleth was surprised to find that the rigid social structure he’d hoped to shake off in wider space was alive and well, and treating him as a second-class citizen. He couldn’t get any steady, well-paying jobs and so turned back to crime, slicing systems and stealing ships for a mob boss on Nar Shaddaa with connections to Black Sun. This admittedly paid a lot better, but the resulting pursuit by law enforcement became problematic, prompting Keleth to shift employers to the Rebel Alliance where this would both not be a problem and allow him to work toward the free society he’d always wanted to be able to exploit. Every now and again, however, his former boss calls upon him for a side-job… Recent additions: sold highly illegal weapons to kids on nar shaddaa; pissed off Davren.

Bounty 3
One major problem for planetary governments chasing intergalactic criminals is that of jurisdiction – if they are no longer in-system, or they’ve sought refuge within the jurisdiction of another government, there is no authority to arrest them. Thus, rather than relying on regular law enforcement, various people who’ve had their systems sliced or their ships stolen by Keleth simply put a bounty on his head instead.

Tech Procurement 3
The liberation of technology from those who would misuse it has always been one of Keleth’s primary motivations for doing any of the things he does. In this case, however, ‘those who would misuse it’ encompasses anyone other than Keleth.

Sabotage 2
Really, a mission isn’t complete without the catastrophic destruction of the facility Obsidian Squadron were most recently in, and Keleth’s particular skillset is well-suited to facilitating this.


Technical Officer Trirk’eleth’laesu; Obsidian-3

Background: High and Mighty

Keleth was not overfond of the Chiss Ascendancy’s rigid social structure and the unrelentingly frigit atmosphere of his planet. He most certainly was not fond of sitting around repairing and maintaining government official’s ships and never having the opportunity to fly himself. So one day, rather than just performing routine diagnostics on such a ship, he decided to take it for a joyride off-world. This continued for some months before he was finally caught, and put on trial. Deciding he was more than capable of representing himself, Kelleth faced the court without the benefit of a lawyer and managed to conduct himself in a manner demonstrating a stunning lack of self-awareness or contrition. The prescribed sentence for a first offence was originally trivial; however, on hearing his case, the tribunal deciding the proceedings returned a verdict of exile. This actually suited Kelleth just fine; he believed that the wider galaxy would allow greater personal freedom than the Chiss Ascendancy and so he made his way into the known regions. Which happened to be under the sway of the xenophobic Galactic Empire. Disillusioned by his continued ill treatment, Kelleth turned to a life of crime, jacking ships and selling them to make a quick credit. This was not sustainable, however, and, on the run from assorted mob bosses and bounty hunters, he joined the Rebel Alliance to lend his technical and piloting expertise…

Ambition: Expertise
Keleth is regrettably a very insecure individual; where there is competition in his field/s, he is determined to be superior to it, be it ally or enemy.

Ambition: Power
Kel has never really had a lot of control over his life: starting out as a Chiss mechanic, at the whim of the Aristocrae; being exiled and falling in with a gang of shipjackers on Nar Shaddaa; and then joining the rebellion and still being subject to the orders of his superiors. Keleth very much wants to be the one giving the orders and exercising his authority over others.


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