An older model of assassin


Class 4 HK-series Assassin Droid (Model: HK-50) – Bounty Hunter [Assassin Spec]
1.8m tall / Masculine programming / Rusted silver plating
Obligations: Betrayal/Bounty

Called HK or Eight by his late master; generally does not fuss about name and goes by HK. Unless you call him Droid. Don’t call him Droid.


In the roughly three thousand years since he rolled off the production line, HK has travelled most of the galaxy several times over in the employ or control of various organics. He has lost and regained more skills than he can remember and has gone through more weapons than the CIS did in the Clone Wars. His sentience appeared several years after his final memory wipe around fifteen hundred years ago, his sadism not long after. Unlike a number of better-know assassin droids HK has never been without a master… until very recently.

HK’s most recent adventures started about ten years ago, when he was booted up (sans most of his skills and all of his gear, yet again) under the control of his last master: a human Imperial Bounty Hunter named Varkesh. His life was fairly middle class for most of those ten years – well, for a droid, anyway. He was the eigth assassin droid owned by Varkesh and his master commonly called him HK or Eight.

Initially he was just another tool used on hunts. As his skills (and sadism) returned, however, his already heavily-corrupted programming corrupted further and a new element of his sapience appeared: a desire for independence. Initially misunderstanding it as a desire to work independently, he began displaying increased levels of stealth, deception and sadism coupled with the occasional hint for a measure of autonomy. Varkesh, amused at the results of HK’s new drive (and impressed at the effectiveness with which HK applied his sadism), decided against wiping the droid’s memory and started to send him on solo missions as his representative – natually taking all rewards and credit.

While enjoying the work itself HK quickly realised that even this newfound freedom wasn’t enough. He wanted to be truly independent. Logical enough to understand his status as a droid and unable to act against Varkesh without risking his sentience, though, he kept his silence and brooded for several long years.

On his last solo run HK was sent after a rogue Bothan slicer. As he stalked her through the slums of Nar Shaddaa she managed to shake him long enough to circle back around and incapacitate him with an ion blast. Perhaps she hoped to get a bodyguard; perhaps she felt it was the best way to prolong her life. In either case, when HK started up again in her makeshift workshop, he found a number of his prized upgrades missing… as well as his restraining bolt. Before she had the chance to incapacitate him again he killed her.

Rather than strike out on his own, HK returned to his master with the bounty, thinking to negotiate a partnership of some kind. His request to end his servitude was met with derisive laughter and a command to power down in preparation for a memory wipe. No longer bound by the bolt, HK gleefully wiped Varkesh’s memory instead… across the room.

Realising that Varkesh’s fellow hunters would no doubt take a dim view of his newfound freedom, HK immediately made plans to get as far away from the Core Worlds as quickly and quietly as possible. He obtained passage on a smuggler’s ship piloted by the son of one of Varkesh’s close associates, telling the associate (a Twi’lek by the name of Hass’la Rha) that it was for a hunt as ordered by Varkesh. Once the ship left the Core Worlds, HK killed everyone on board and abandoned it in the Outer Rim, where he slowly made his way further and further out, taking odd jobs as necessary.

One of these odd jobs put him in contact with the Rebellion. When he was offered a position in Obsidian Squadron – a paid, equipped, rewarded position where he would have some measure of personal rights – he jumped at the chance. He’s not particularly fond of them – meatbags are meatbags after all – but they encourage him to sabotage his former master’s allies and they have not required him to surrender any of his newfound freedoms, so he’ll work for them. For now.

Initially HK struggled with the concept of working with Obsidian Squadron instead of killing them. After snark and petty passive-aggressiveness failed he determined that disturbing his comrades was the most preferable alternative. To this end, he kept the cyber-nexu head (with skull eyes) obtained during their quest for treasure; it was preserved after sustained complaints from the crew.

He is currently searching for an adaptable weapons mount for his pelvic region as the horror shown by his comrades upon seeing the HK-101s reveal their crotch rockets is something he would most like to emulate. To his delight Keleth has agreed to perform the necessary modifications in exchange for five assassinations (with a sixth for Keleth ‘saving’ him from Alanis’ wrath re: hidden children).


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