Heroes of the Rebellion

Operation Firecracker conclusion.

With the destruction of Jyrene Base, Imperial authority on Onderon was destabilised and Imperial operations throughout nearby sectors was greatly diminished. With the destruction of the base, riots in the capital of Iziz broke out and the arrival of three Imperial Star Destroyers was required to restore Imperial rule.

Costs to the Empire

  • Destruction of Jyrene Base
  • Estimated loss of 5,000 Storm Troopers
  • Estimated loss of 5,000 Base Personnel
  • Estimated loss of 22 Lambda Class Shuttles
  • Estimated loss of 60 Tie Fighters
  • Estimated loss of 1 AT-AT

Civilian Casualties

  • Estimated loss of 3500 Onderonian Civilians during the riots and Imperial Efforts to restore control.

Rebel Alliance Casualties

  • Loss of Nok, Obsidian Squadron Sharpshooter
  • Loss of 6x Rebel Troopers from Indigo and Violet Squadron
  • Destruction of the droid BX-2R


  • +15 Experience
  • +5 to everyone’s duty


  • Party Obligation – Bounty – 10

Admiral Corlen has issued an official Imperial Bounty for the members of Obsidian Squadron. This bounty has a rough description of the members of Obsidian Squadron that is reasonably accurate but not overly specific given the relatively unknown status of Obsidian Squadron among the Empire. Reward = 30,000 credits dead, 50,000 alive.

Session 4: Lose lips sink capital ships.

Having intercepted the following communication via the SigInt Array:

“Now listen, I’ve done jobs for the Rebs, mostly smuggling and the like, but in recent times they’ve been paying me less. This pisses me off. Now I’ve got information on Rebel Activities, including those on Onderon, and I’m willing to sell them to the highest bidder. I’ll be in Iziz for a few days so if you’re interested come find me… and bring your wallets”

- Transmission from smuggler Cato Nix, intercepted by the Signals Intelligence Array

Obsidian Squadron knew that unless they silenced this smuggler before he spoke to the Imperials, their operations in Whisper Base would come to an abrupt end. Having just lost their captive prisoner, Lieutenant Sarev, to an ill-timed brain aneurism, their ability to bluff Moff Dardano into believing that the base was still under their control was now over.

As it turns out, the smuggler Cato Nix had pissed off other people too. Shortly after having encountered the message, Kelleth received a call from his old criminal boss, a Devaronian by the name of Davren. Turns out Cato had lifted a shipment of spice and if Kelleth didn’t get it back, Davren would expose Kelleth’s current operations to the Imperial authorities.

Not wanting to risk drawing attention by flying their Lambda class shuttle to Iziz, the party traversed most of the distance via speederbike and walked into the city. There the proceeded to the best place to find out information: a cantina. Inside the Third Lekku Cantina, the party discovered from the Bith bartender that the Smuggler and his ship, The Fat Lady, were located in docking ring C of the southern hanger of Iziz spaceport. As the party left, they were hassled by a Wookie and Gamorrean who suggested that their current line of inquiry would be damaging to their health.

Going ahead to scout out the area, HK-50 soon found the ship just as two squadrons of Storm Troopers and an Imperial Officer entered the bay. The Officer and a sergeant entered the ship as the troopers maintained watch outside. Upon arriving at the hangar, the rest of the party found their way into the hangar control station and bribed/coerced the Sullustan port authority that it would be a good day for him to take a day off work.

Having gained access to the hangar controls, Kelleth promptly closed the launch door so that the ship could not leave. A gun fight ensued when one detachment of Storm Troopers attempted to make their way into the control station, only to have two members gunned down by Rakka. While the Storm Troopers proved to be little match for Obsidian Squadron, the reappearance of the Wookie and Gamorrean warriors took their toll on Kov’Nyn Vau, Nok and Raka, critically injuring them all in the process.

With the Storm Troopers and ship’s crew dispatched, Obsidian Squadron then entered The Fat Lady in search for the missing Moff. They searched the ship for him but did not succeed. A quick getaway ensued as more Storm Troopers entered into the Hangar Bay. As soon as the ship began to pick up altitude, Obsidian Squadron were horrified to hear the ejection of the ship’s escape pod, presumably with the Moff, who had revealed himself to be Moff Dardarno: creator of Whisper Base, inside. Horror was soon turned to glee as HK-50 and Nok mercilessly gunned down the escape pod with the ship’s turret lasers.

As a minor skirmish occurred with a trio of scrambled Tie Fighters, Kov’Nyn Vau made the discovery of a lifetime in the Galley. Sitting on the bench was a Sandwich, presumably made by the deceased captain of the vessel. This sandwich was made with such perfection that some might have thought that its creator was force sensitive. With a filling of roasted Nerf that was neither too rare or too well done but instead a succulent mouthful of meat and the perfect ratio of lettuce to tomato to bread, this was a sandwich which invigorated Kov’Nyn (no shit, this sandwich recovered 4 points of Strain). In the mean time, the fighters were soon dispatched by the ship’s turret guns, in the hands of HK-50 and Nok.

Escaping pursuit a hyperspace course was quickly set for Nar Shaddar in order to meet with Davren the Devaronian. Upon arrival they found that he was suitably impressed and grateful for the haste that Kelleth and Obsidian Squadron showed in dealing with Cato Nix. In return for the acquired ship and its cargo, the squadron were offered 50,000 credits, passage back to Onderon and a favour from the crime boss himself. Obsidian Squadron was put up in lodging for the night before their transport back to Onderon.

Main Points:

  • +10 xp
  • Critical Injuries suffered by Kov’Nyn (2), Raka (2) and Nok (1).
  • 50,000 Credits gained from Davren.
  • Davren has suggested the possible existence of a favour owed to Obsidian Squadron.
  • Moff Dardano and Lt Sarev are deceased.
  • As far as Obsidian Squadron knows, no Imperial agent is aware of the existence of Whisper Base.
  • Kov and HK receive +15 Duty for considerable “acts of destruction and asset denial” against the Empire as they assisted in the destruction of an Imperial Moff and commander of the Japrael Sector
  • Nok and Raka both receive +3 Duty for supporting Obsidian Squadron in the completion of their mission.
Interlude: Rebel Resupply!

To: Obsidian Squadron

From: Crix Maidine, Supreme Commander of Alliance Special Forces

After the recent successes of Obsidian Squadron and increased recognition from High Command of the strategic importance of a Rebel Listening post on Onderon, I am hereby releasing the following supplies and personnel for Whisper Base:

3x Bacta Tanks
4x Medpacs
1x Crate of Stimpacs (25)
1x Crate of Emergency Repair Patches (25)
1x Comms Scrambler
5x Crates of Ration Packs (125)

10x Rebel Soldiers (Indigo and Violet Squadrons).

Please note that future resupply missions will be difficult due to the strong Imperial presence in the Japrael Sector meaning Obsidian Squadron will have to act upon its own initiative to acquire supplies.

In emergencies, requisition and resupply drops may be maintained through the Condor drop poin in the M132L4 system.

Good luck and may the force be with you,

Signed: Crix Maidine, Supreme Commander of Alliance Special Forces

PS. If you need things from me, I have contacts on Nar Shaddar and Tatooine that supply me with….questionable goods heh heh heh.

- Jaccik

Operation Privateer Conclusion

With the death of Moff U. Nimportant it was all too easy for Obisidian Squadron to gain access to the computer systems of Imperial Orbital Supply Depot 7321-A above Thyferra and complete their mission.

Upon returning to the Nebulon Frigate Corsair, Obsidian Squadron was met with astounding applause for the completion of their mission. High command viewed the mission as a great success due to the considerable gain and few casualties.


  • 30xp each (XP rewards are going to become smaller in the future but I am happy that people are finding cool niches for their characters through skills and talents)
  • 3600 credits from the sale of the contraband items
  • 2000 credit reward from Rebel High Command for the success of your mission.
  • T3-Z9 has accompanied you back to Whisper Base
  • Rebel High Command has promised a shipment of equipment and personnel for Whisper Base.
  • Imperial Rule on Thyferra was destabilized after their Orbital Space Station plummeted into orbit and caused considerable damage to a leading Bacta Production Facility


  • Kov and HK receive +10 Duty for considerable “acts of destruction and asset denial” against the Empire
  • Kelleth receives +5 Duty for procuring Imperial Technology for the Rebellion
  • Nok and Raka both receive +3 Duty for supporting Obsidian Squadron in the completion of their mission.
  • Alanis receives +5 Duty for completing the mission with only a single death of a soldier under her command and for trying to resolve confrontations peacefully where possible.


  • The Criminal Obligations of: Kelleth, Raka and Kov were reduced by 7 thanks to the unscrupulous actions of T3-Z9
  • The Bounty Obligations of: HK and Raka were reduced by 7 thanks to the unscrupulous actions of T3-Z9
  • The Betrayal Obligation of HK was reduced by 7 thanks to the unscrupulous actions of T3-Z9
Operation Stolen Whisper Conclusion.

With the daring capture of Lieutenant Sarev, Whisper Base was now in the hands of the Rebel Alliance and, more specifically, Obsidian Squadron. Within the week the Lieutenant and other prisoners were transported off world via the base’s Lambda Class Shuttle, The Nilos and into the hands of Rebel Intelligence authorities. Due to the valuable nature of this newly acquired base of operations, the Rebellion sent personnel to operate, maintain and secure the base and its facilities. These personnel were to be under the command of Obsidian Squadron.

Session Rewards

  • 20xp EACH
  • 3000 credits from the previous Imperial Forces TOTAL
  • All Imperial Equipment left in Whisper Base, including the Nilos, 2x AT-STs and 17x Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bikes
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