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Fear rules the galaxy. Even after the destruction of
the Death Star, the tendrils of the Galactic Empire
creep into every corner of every system. The
Emperor crushes the spirits of all sentients with the
iron fist of his massive fleets and endless ranks of stormtroopers.
However, a new hope arises to oppose the
darkness: an alliance of stalwart freedom fighters striving
to restore liberty to the galaxy.

In AGE oF REBELLION, players take the fight to the
Empire as the plucky warriors of the Rebel Alliance.
Regardless of skills, motivations, and ambitions. these
individuals stand as the galaxy’s last, best hope for
survival. Each member of the Rebellion has a unique
and important part to play in the galaxy-spanning
conflict, and as they play AGE oF REBELLION, each will
leave their mark on the Star Wars universe.

This adventure follows the exploits of Obsidian Squadron
as they fight the good fight against the Empire.

Heroes of the Rebellion

Tom_Murray regan_donovan Arkyte charlie_banwell_9 Dracohel jessica_nash AlexA