Whisper Base

A secret imperial installation in the jungles of Onderon, Whisper Base is the listening post of Moff Dardarno, who is secretly spying on the local Imperial Garrison Commander, Admiral Corlen. Whisper Base is a secret, even to the Imperials itself; completely off the books, the outpost is manned exclusively by Imperial soldiers reported dead and vehicles reported destroyed.

The base maintains a small garrison of Stormtroopers and Imperial Army personnel, a Lambda class shuttle, a squadron of speeder bikes and two AT-STs. Numbers are small enough that a small strike team of Rebel operatives should be able to infiltrate and capture the base quietly.

As a result of Operation Stolen Whisper, Whisper base is now under the control of the Rebel Alliance and houses Obsidian Squadron, and so far Moff Dardarno is completely oblivious to this fact.

Notable Features:

  • SigInt (Signals Intelligence) Array


  • Briefing Room
    Contains holo-displays and highly detailed maps of Onderon, Iziz and the surrounding junbles. The room also has an excellent setup and acoustics for screening holodramas.
  • Launch Pad
    The Base Launchpad can hold two shuttles or six starfighters. It also contains various tools for ship maintenance (adds 1 boost die to mechanics checks on ships)
  • Mess Hall & Kitchen
    Currently stocked will Standard Issue Imperial Nutrition Foodstuffs.
  • Barracks, Armoury & Officer’s Quarters
    The Barracks can comfortably accommodate 24 people or 36 uncomfortably. There are also 4 officer’s quarters which could be refurbished to accommodate 5 people each. The armoury is fully equipped to be stocked with weapons can can be magnetically sealed.
    One of the Officer’s quarters now houses Nuka, the cannok
  • Training Facility & Firing Range
  • Control Centre
    The heart and brain of Whisper Base. From it, a skilled commander can organize, monitor and coordinate the efforts of many soldiers. The room contains varous screens as well as the central computer that manages all of the base’s critical systems [power, air cycling, security and communications]. From here, the commander of the base has access to the internal communications system, internal security cameras and several cameras in the surrounding jungle.
  • Communications room.
    This room manages the base’s comms system as well as its SigInt Array.
  • Garage
    The garage currently holds 2x AT-STs and 17x Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bikes. It also contains a full set of tools (adds 1 boost die to mechanic checks on vehicles or weapons).
  • Recreation Room & Locker Room
    The Imperials left the recreation room quite empty.
  • Trash Compactor
    Is almost certainly free of tentacled monsters.


  • 2x Anti Aircraft Turbolasers
  • Perimeter sentry guns
  • Base Shield Generator

SigInt Array and Computer Systems

  • The Signals Intelligence Array provides detailed information on the situation on Onderon and its garrison commander, Admiral Corlen. It can be re-tasked to other targets however.
  • The Computer Systems (the security of which have been bypassed by Kelleth) detail the operations of Whisper Base. Access to the Whisper Base Computer Records will allow players to gain a Boost Dice when pretending that Whisper Base is still under Imperial Control. It also gives the party access to a high powered computer system.

Whisper Base was destroyed by Obsidian Squadron when they had to relocate to a new world.

Whisper Base

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