Operation Privateer

Target: Imperial Orbital Supply Depot 7321-A

Location:: Thyferra, Polith System

Primary Mission Objectives:

  1. Board the Space Station ACCOMPLISHED
  2. Acquire the shipment of medical supplies ACCOMPLISHED
  3. Disable the Station ACCOMPLISHED

Secondary Mission Objectives:

  1. Acquire any other valuable supplies ACCOMPLISHED
  2. Download the Station’s mainframe ACCOMPLISHED
  3. Find a way to destroy the station ACCOMPLISHED

Alliance Resources Available:

  • Nebulon-B Frigate: Corsair
  • 15x X-Wing Fighters (designated Red, Blue & Yellow Squadrons)
  • 5x Y-Wing Attack Fighters (designated Gold Squadron)
  • 1x Sentinel-Class Landing Craft: Imperial Mercy
  • 1x Rebel Infantry Platoon
  • 1x Astromech Droid


  • Assigned Rebel Space forces will provide cover until Obsidian Squadron can escape from the Space Station

Mission Status: Pending COMPLETED

Mission Briefing

Thyferra is the sole producer of Bacta, the most potent medicinal substance in the galaxy. Without it the Rebel Alliance would not be able to continue to wage war against the Empire. The quarterly tithe of Bacta to the Empire resides in an Orbital Supply Depot 7321-A while awaiting pickup by the Star Destroyer Hammer. However due to recent uprisings in nearby systems the Hammer has been delayed for a week meaning that the shipment will be left on station…and waiting for us.

Your squadron will rendezvous with the Frigate: Corsair in a nearby nebula. You will then approach Thyferra. The engagement will occur in several steps:

1. The Corsair will jump into orbit, launch fighters and engage the station’s defenses and draw out its compliment of fighters.
2. Obsidian Squadron, aboard Imperial Mercy, will jump into orbit. At this point, Gold Squadron will attack the station with their Ion Cannons, temporarily disabling its systems.
3. While the station is disabled, Obsidian Squadron, with infantry support, will enter the station and conduct its mission while the Corsair continues to hold off Imperial fighters.
4. Once the primary objectives have been accomplished, Obsidian Squadron will leave the station and all Rebel Forces will jump to hyperspace.

Obsidian Squadron will be acting autonomously while inside the space station. The manner in which you accomplish your primary objectives is up to you.

Obsidian Squadron will have command of this operation and all Rebel Forces involved.

High Command has deemed the risk of this mission acceptable to the potential gain of the supplies, however completion of the mission should not take priority over the survival of those involved.

Good hunting, and may the force be with you.

- Crix Madine, Supreme Commander of Alliance Special Forces

Operation Privateer

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