Operation Firecracker

Operation Firecracker

Target: Jyrene Base

Location:: Onderon, Japrael Sector

Primary Mission Objectives:

  1. Destruction of Jyrene Base ACCOMPLISHED
  2. Free Rebel Alliance captives in the base. ACCOMPLISHED
  3. The successful relocation of Rebel Alliance assets at Whisper Base ACCOMPLISHED
  4. The survival of Obsidian Squadron ACCOMPLISHED

Secondary Mission Objectives:

  1. Assassination of Admiral Corlen NOT ACCOMPLISHED

Alliance Resources Available:

  • Resources can be made available at the request of Obsidian Squad.

Mission Time Frame: 2 Weeks.


  • Obsidian Squadron will have to escape via own means but will convene with the Frigate Corsair just outside of the Japrael Sector.

Mission Status: Completed

Mission Briefing:

With the death of Moff Dardano Imperial Power in the Japrael Sector has passed down to Admiral Corlen, who commands from the garrison at Jyrene Base in Iziz. Jyrene Base is a leading munitions supply hub and provides Imperial forces in a number of sectors with weapons and ammunition. We have a chance here to destabilize Imperial power on Onderon and inflict serious damage on their supply line.

As you are well aware, the death of Moff Dardano has put Imperial forces on Onderon into high alert. We just received word that a new Imperial Star Destroyer as well as more legions of Storm Troopers have been diverted to Onderon in order to secure Imperial rule. Corlen is tightening his control on the planet and trying to desperately stamp out Rebel activity. This means that the continued operations of Obsidian Squadron on Onderon are going to be difficult and dangerous. Thus, at the conclusion of this mission Obsidian Squadron will be provided a new base and given input into its design and construction.

Obsidians Squadron is to infiltrate and destroy Jyrene Base and, if the opportunity should present itself, assassinate Admiral Corlen. Given Obsidian Squadron’s knack for destruction, the means through which you choose to destroy the base are up to you. Undoubtedly the base will also contain a number of useful materials and information within its computer core. The recovery of these items should not take precedence over the completion of the mission or the survival of Obsidian Squadron.

We estimate that the time frame for the completion of the mission and the successful extraction of Obsidian Squadron and allied forces from Whisper Base is two weeks. After this time, the increased presence of Imperial Forces in the region will make any escape attempt difficult.

Please see mission appendices with regards to further logistics and information.

Good hunting, and may the force be with you.
- Crix Madine, Supreme Commander of Alliance Special Forces

Appendix 1: Departing Whisper Base.

While the base may no longer be viable for our continued use, the Rebel Alliance is not in the habit of throwing anything away. Several engineers under the command of sector quartermaster Jaccik will be arriving in Whisper Base to begin removing all salvageable items, downloading the computer mainframe and taking the schematics for the signals intelligence array so that we may construct a duplicate at Obsidian Squadron’s new base of operations.
We at high command are aware of Quartermaster Jaccik’s certain…character quirks and in light of this we are giving our assurances that all items taken from Whisper Base will be returned in equal or greater condition when the new base is established.

We will be making use of a Sentinel Class lander to transport salvaged materials as well as personnel. The lander will be making several trips over the two week period. We have had our best operatives forge supporting information and transponder codes which will allow them freedom of movement.

The immediate items of note that we wish to recover are:

  • Defensive guns
  • Shield Generator
  • Security cameras
  • Communications equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Computer mainframe data
  • Specifications on the Signals Intelligence Array
  • The booster array relay from Dxun
  • Bacta tanks
  • Swoop Bikes and All Terrain Scout Transports
  • Mechanical Equipment.

Should Obsidian Squadron require anything else removed from Whisper Base they will have full permission to do so.

Appendix 2: Disposing of Whisper Base.

Our engineers have determined that the simplest way to dispose of Whisper Base will be to overload the main generators, causing the vaporisation of the base. This can be rigged up to a remote device, allowing the destruction to be used as a diversion if needed.

Appendix 3: Intelligence on Jyrene Base.

Jyrene Base is home to the Imperial Garrison on Onderon and is a leading munitions depot. It is commanded by Admiral Corlen and has a sizeable presence of Imperial Storm Troopers and Imperial Army personnel. The base maintains a fleet of AT-STs, Speeder Bikes and a single AT-AT for operations in the Onderon Jungle. It is also home to Tie Fighter squadrons and is likely to contain several shuttles and landing craft. Like all Imperial Bases, Jyrene Base is powered by a main generator in its sub-basement level.

Appendix 4: Rebel Captives

We believe that there are a number of Rebel Alliance Operatives being held captive in Jyrene Base. We are certain that one of these operatives is Gaav Fennro, an experienced intelligence and communications officer. His recovery and the recovery of any other operatives is of paramount importance.

Operation Firecracker

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