One of eight planets in the Japrael system, Onderon
had a temperate climate, and is mostly covered in thick
jungle except for the capital city of Izis.

Onderon’s capital city (and major settlement) is a sprawling,
walled metropolis covering approximately sixteen
hundred square kilometers. The city is protected by a
defense grid to fend off aerial attacks The city’s center
is occupied by a steep hill housing the Royal Palace,
now vacant under the Imperial governorship. Access to
elevated areas such as the palace and the battlements
of the city’s outer walls is restricted to travel through
fortified bridges known as sky ramps. The southern
reaches of the city make up the Merchant Quarter,
where the bulk of the city’s commerce is handled.

Darrastead Village
Despite the common assumption that Iziz is the only
civilized settlement on Onderon, a few villages full of
hardy or stubborn settlers manage to survive in the
jungle. The fortified encampment of Darrastead is
the nearest such village to the former Whisper Base,
and the Imperials there found the locals a valuable
resource for a number of projects. The villagers were
forced to assist the soldiers of Whisper Base with
manual labor for little more than stale ration bars,
under the threat of arrest or even execution. The villagers
follow the guidance of their elder, Deil Kadru,
and keep to themselves whenever possible.

Hunting Lodge of the Beast Riders
Beyond the walls of Iziz, and even the meager fortifications
of the jungle villages, there are a few enclaves
of hardy warriors who have mastered their environment
not through technology, but through mettle and
might. These warriors are known as the Beast Riders,
as their greatest weapons against Onderon’s dangers
are the flying ruping steeds they tame. These huge
flying creatures are fierce predators in their own right.
The Beast Riders are frequently on the move, as
the local Onderonians fear them and the Imperial
garrison considers them a threat to be exterminated.
Nevertheless, they maintain tribal hunting lodges
throughout the Onderonian jungle where they perform
their most important rites of passage. One such
lodge is located just beyond the patrol range maintained
by the garrison from Whisper Base. The lodge’s
custodian tribe maintained careful tabs on the activities
of the nearby Imperials by flying through the forest
canopy, and are eager to find out what the arrival
of the PCs portends for the region.


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