Obsidian Squadron

Obsidian Squadron is a Rebel Alliance operative cell formed to infiltrate the secret Imperial location, Whisper Base, on Onderon. New and relatively unknown, Alliance High Command have high hopes for this band of plucky protagonists.

Obsidian Squadron operates under the Rebel Alliance SpecForces and are an independent unit which deals with infiltration and sabotage. They operate in areas where the deployment of a more sizable detachment is not possible.

Addendum: Despite the loss of its mission leader, Obsidian Squadron successfully accomplished the taking of Whisper Base during Operation Stolen Whisper.

Current Obsidian Squadron roster:

Obsidian Leader: Nedisoo BrakeKIA
Obsidian 1: Alanis Ormonde
Obsidian 2: HK-50
Obsidian 3: Technical Officer Trirk’eleth’laesu (Keleth)
Obsidian 4: Kov’nyn Vau
Obsidian 5: Nok
Obsidian 6: Raka Lis

Base of Operations: Whisper Base

Obsidian Squadron

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