Obsidian Base

An abandoned industrial compound in Coronet City on Corellia now serves as the base of operations for Obsidian Squadron. The Base is located in Blue Sector, the seediest, shabbiest and most crime ridden part of the city. This serves as an ideal location as it is one of the few areas that isn’t regularly patrolled by Imperial Forces or CorSec.

In it’s past life, this factory manufactured sub-light engines until they were run out of business by Corellia Shipyards.


A: Former Office building (two stories)
B: Former Equipment Storage room (story)
C: Former Security Office (two stories)
D: Former Financial Office (two stories)
E: Cargo Landing bays (large enough to hold 1 freighter, or 2 fighter craft each)
F: Gate towers (two stories, top floor has viewing/gun ports)
G: Former Factory building

Current Status

  • Has a working generator powering the facility and all basic amenities are operational (lights, running water, main gate).
  • Former furniture has been stripped bare, awaiting Obsidian Squadron’s arrival.

Obsidian Base

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