An Astromech droid.....


“A T3 series? I didn’t think they existed outside of museums! What’s it doing on my ship?”

“I don’t know captain, but I’ve checked and double checked the transfer orders: T3-Z9 is to be transferred to the Corsair in order to be ready for the arrival of Obsidian Squadron. Top level priority. Furthermore it is to have access to our computer mainframe.”

“Well fine. Did you pass on my personal query to Commander Madine about this?”

“I did sir, several times, but there must be some sort of communications malfunction as the commander’s office has no record of receiving them”.

“Alright, alright. Doesn’t matter, the droid’ll be Obsidian Squadron’s problem soon enough”

- Conversation between Captain Takkamo and First Officer Velles of the Rebel Alliance Frigate Corsair


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