Raka Lis

Klatooinian Ace Driver




Young and filled with vigor, Raka escaped what he saw as an obvious servitude to the Hutt as many others of the younger generation of Klatooinians were starting to do. However, instead of escaping after leaving the planet to work for the Hutt, Raka foolhardily made a run for it whilst still on Klatooine. Quickly picking up a knack for driving across rough terrain, he further enhanced his skills as he jumped from planet to planet, offering to drive or pilot to reduce and even eliminate costs or hiring well-used vehicles for the same reason. Very quickly he found himself broke and enlisting into the Rebel Alliance, where he furthered his driving/piloting skills, serving as one of the best transport drivers (as he believes) until he was ordered into a specialist squadron.

Raka Lis

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