Kov'nyn Vau

Hitter of things with other things.


Kov’nyn is a former imperial commando dedicated to his newfound mandalorian culture and to hitting things with the largest stick he can find.

Garrulous and easy to get along with, Kov’nyn makes friends easily and makes very few enemies or at least not for very long.

He is the weilder of Aliit’dar


Kov’nyn started life as RC-1437 decanted in a pod of four clone brothers on Kamino.

Commandos were treated different from regular clones, put in batches of one hundred and trained by the “Cuy’val Dar” (Dead men) a group of soldiers assembled by Jango Fett himself, as it so happens RC-1437 found himself under the tutelage of Waylon Vau.

Vau was brutal, pitching clone brothers against each other in unarmed combat regularly, leaving behind many brothers damaged or broken, it was in one of these fights that Kov’nyn earned his name, managing to batter his opponent unconcious with two broken arms using only his forehead. Despite it all, Kov’nyn maintained a cheerful demeanour.

At the ripe old age of ten Kov’nyn faced true combat for the first time, on the hellish landscape of geonosis he fought side by side with millions of his brothers, and it was there he learned the value of the lessons he had been taught, standing alive when so many others had fell. In honour of his trainer, he took the last name Vau.

Kov’nyn saw many planets, mainly down the barrel of a blaster, eventually ending up on felucia where his was one of many shots that took down the jedi master Ayla Secura.

The last straw came with the assault on Kamino, clone brother against clone brother, Kov’nyn was caught in an explosion and launched into the sea, he found himself treading water surrounded by dead men with his own face and realised that this was his whole life.

Wearing just a jumpsuit Kov’nyn hitched a ride on a salvagers ship and ended up touring every hive of scum and villainy in the galaxy, making money in illegal fistfights or collecting debts, eventually earning enough money to make his way to mandalore and find his adoptive father, he found Vau on mandalore itself, in a small village called Kyrimorut, run by Kal Skirata (Another Cuy’val Dar) as a home for “Wayward” clones, there he was treated for his premature aging but wa restless.

Driven to help his brothers still being used by the empire, Kov’nyn joined the rebellion, determined to fight by his own choice for the first time.

Kov'nyn Vau

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