Imperial Moff Lasre Dardano

Politically Ambitious and former owner of Whisper Base that is most likely dead.


Lasre Dardano is and Imperial Moff and the overseer of the Japrael Sector, home to the Onderon System,. He established Whisper Base as a means of keeping tabs on his closest rival, Admiral Jadon Corlen, who commanded the Imperial Garrison in the sector. This base was highly illegal and would be grounds for Dardano’s execution however he feared the growing power of Corlen.

Lasre Dardano is currently unaware that Whisper Base had been captured by Obsidian Squadron.

Almost Definitely killed in an escape pod over the skies of Onderon by Obsidian Squadron after being thoroughly taunted by Kov’nyn.


Imperial Moff Lasre Dardano

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