BX-2R "Toor"

Former Commando Droid turned Janitorial Droid


The BX series of commando droid from the clone wars. How this droid came to be a janitor.in a secret Imperial listening station on Onderon is anyone’s guess.

Unfortunately, the removal of Toor’s restraining bolt damaged his memory files and combat subroutines. All he remembers how to do, is be a janitor.

BX-2R’s assassination protocols and memories have been recovered; he was an assassin droid for the CIS. How he ended up mopping floors in Whisper Base is still something of a mystery, however


Keleth’s Programming Directives:

  1. You will serve me and do my bidding
  2. In my absence, you will follow the orders of Obsidian Squadron
  3. If anyone attempts to reprogram you or apply a restraining bolt (subject to directive 1):
    1. Warn then off
    2. If they persist, escalate to violent assault

BX-2R "Toor"

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