Heroes of the Rebellion

Operation Stolen Whisper Conclusion.

With the daring capture of Lieutenant Sarev, Whisper Base was now in the hands of the Rebel Alliance and, more specifically, Obsidian Squadron. Within the week the Lieutenant and other prisoners were transported off world via the base’s Lambda Class Shuttle, The Nilos and into the hands of Rebel Intelligence authorities. Due to the valuable nature of this newly acquired base of operations, the Rebellion sent personnel to operate, maintain and secure the base and its facilities. These personnel were to be under the command of Obsidian Squadron.

Session Rewards

  • 20xp EACH
  • 3000 credits from the previous Imperial Forces TOTAL
  • All Imperial Equipment left in Whisper Base, including the Nilos, 2x AT-STs and 17x Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bikes


Tom_Murray Tom_Murray

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