Heroes of the Rebellion

Operation Privateer Conclusion

With the death of Moff U. Nimportant it was all too easy for Obisidian Squadron to gain access to the computer systems of Imperial Orbital Supply Depot 7321-A above Thyferra and complete their mission.

Upon returning to the Nebulon Frigate Corsair, Obsidian Squadron was met with astounding applause for the completion of their mission. High command viewed the mission as a great success due to the considerable gain and few casualties.


  • 30xp each (XP rewards are going to become smaller in the future but I am happy that people are finding cool niches for their characters through skills and talents)
  • 3600 credits from the sale of the contraband items
  • 2000 credit reward from Rebel High Command for the success of your mission.
  • T3-Z9 has accompanied you back to Whisper Base
  • Rebel High Command has promised a shipment of equipment and personnel for Whisper Base.
  • Imperial Rule on Thyferra was destabilized after their Orbital Space Station plummeted into orbit and caused considerable damage to a leading Bacta Production Facility


  • Kov and HK receive +10 Duty for considerable “acts of destruction and asset denial” against the Empire
  • Kelleth receives +5 Duty for procuring Imperial Technology for the Rebellion
  • Nok and Raka both receive +3 Duty for supporting Obsidian Squadron in the completion of their mission.
  • Alanis receives +5 Duty for completing the mission with only a single death of a soldier under her command and for trying to resolve confrontations peacefully where possible.


  • The Criminal Obligations of: Kelleth, Raka and Kov were reduced by 7 thanks to the unscrupulous actions of T3-Z9
  • The Bounty Obligations of: HK and Raka were reduced by 7 thanks to the unscrupulous actions of T3-Z9
  • The Betrayal Obligation of HK was reduced by 7 thanks to the unscrupulous actions of T3-Z9


Tom_Murray Tom_Murray

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