Heroes of the Rebellion

Operation Firecracker conclusion.

With the destruction of Jyrene Base, Imperial authority on Onderon was destabilised and Imperial operations throughout nearby sectors was greatly diminished. With the destruction of the base, riots in the capital of Iziz broke out and the arrival of three Imperial Star Destroyers was required to restore Imperial rule.

Costs to the Empire

  • Destruction of Jyrene Base
  • Estimated loss of 5,000 Storm Troopers
  • Estimated loss of 5,000 Base Personnel
  • Estimated loss of 22 Lambda Class Shuttles
  • Estimated loss of 60 Tie Fighters
  • Estimated loss of 1 AT-AT

Civilian Casualties

  • Estimated loss of 3500 Onderonian Civilians during the riots and Imperial Efforts to restore control.

Rebel Alliance Casualties

  • Loss of Nok, Obsidian Squadron Sharpshooter
  • Loss of 6x Rebel Troopers from Indigo and Violet Squadron
  • Destruction of the droid BX-2R


  • +15 Experience
  • +5 to everyone’s duty


  • Party Obligation – Bounty – 10

Admiral Corlen has issued an official Imperial Bounty for the members of Obsidian Squadron. This bounty has a rough description of the members of Obsidian Squadron that is reasonably accurate but not overly specific given the relatively unknown status of Obsidian Squadron among the Empire. Reward = 30,000 credits dead, 50,000 alive.


Tom_Murray Tom_Murray

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